Preventative Medicine – Part 1: tap water is poisoning your brain!

Your brain is connected to your gut. In fact your stomach is the control centre for your brain.

Western medicine has completely failed the understand the human body as a whole. The leading causes of death in America are all preventable diet related illness: heart disease, diabetes and medical errors.

If the governments in the west banned sugar and grains they would be in surplus for the next 100 years as medical costs would hot the floor.

So what’s wrong with western medicine? There are so many problems. One is a side affect of specialisation: doctors specialise so intensely into an area such as the heart that they forget completely about the lungs. I bumped into this personally when I discovered that long term use of asthma steroids slows the heart beat! Each part of our body and diet and medicine affect TS our whole.

That’s why I love holistic medicine. My complementary doctor checks 15 blood tests before he even begins to ask me questions about how I am feeling. How high is my vitamin D3, do I have any deficiency, am I stressed, what’s going on in my emotions, I write a detailed food journal including where I drink my water from.

Within 3 months of seeing my preventative medicine doctor I was:

  • 100% completely healed of all acute and chronic illness
  • Medication free including asthma puffers
  • Moods and sleep and energy levels went through the roof
  • I looked 10cyears younger
  • I never went to a GP or counsellor again (it’s been over 2 years) saving tens of thousands of dollars for my government in medical subsidies.

It literally changed my life.

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