What’s happening in the future of: personal organisation

There is a plethora of information sites these days. Signals are coming from everywhere.

Phone messages come in.
Skype messages come in.
Emails come in.
Voice mails come in.
Facebook messages come in.
LinkedIn requests come in.
Video calls come in.
Books arrive that you are to read.

Information overload!

There is also a lot of content going out:

You have books to write, calls to make, actions to…well..action.

How do you organise these? I say to you: the cloud.

Allow your email to do the work for you. How?

1. Keep your inbox empty. Use files/labels/folders to organise.
2. Use an Urgency Based system. File things (at #1) according to urgency and importance.
3. Reply to emails immediately and immediately archive them.
4. Assign those tasks at #1,2,3 to your calendar.

Then all you need to do is work on your daily agenda. If you’re smart you can even set up the cloud to email and sms your daily agenda to yourself. That way your inbox is always empty, people are always replied to and everything you need to do, think about or action is in 1 email: your daily agenda.

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