The content-time conundrum

We know that time is scarce however that doesn’t have to impede your ability to create amazing content. We know how to build a tribe. That we need to offer true value. That we need to provide a community where there isn’t one currently. In your tribe or following you are wanting to add value. This value is often content.

A great church provides great sermons, great MP3s to download.
A great author provides a blog with insights into his next publication.
A great business provides product reviews and images to download.

However the great conundrum for us all is where do we find the time to create all of this great content. Wrong question.

You just need to get great at capturing the content you are already making.

The pastor records his sermon and publishes it as a sermon download.
The entrepreneur scans his business ideas and publishes them to his blog.
The sales person records the script that he just gave to close the sale and makes it into an ebook.

Great content is coming out of you all the time. You just need to capture it!

10 tips on capturing content and quenching the content-time conundrum:

1. Carry a camera with you at all times
2. Set up systems to catch (like a net) the content you create
3. Delegate tasks that other can do while focusing on what only you can do
4. Create places to publish your most useful content: set up a website, blog, vimeo and flickr account
5. Be ready to press record on your iPhone when speaking (verbal content)
6. Use video editing software to turn the content you capture into great videos
7. Ask others around you to capture the content you create
8. Be aware that the simple truths you know (and often ignore) are nuggets of gold for others
9. Ask your tribe, followers, community when they find your content helpful
10. Think whenever you do anything: is this content replicable?

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