The fifth estate and age of marketing

The media is the fifth estate – it oversees the government; keeps them in check. I suppose that social media is the sixth estate. Oversees the media. What do you think? Wiki: The term “Fifth Estate” has no fixed meaning, but is used to describe any class or group in society other than the clergy (First Estate), the nobility (Second Estate), the commoners (Third Estate), and the press (Fourth Estate)

There have been five ages of marketing, the sixth is coming.

The first age there was no market it was self- producing. Survival
The second age there was a market however it was barter, swap.
The third age was the beginning of economics, organized trade.
The forth age was sophisticated markets, tariffs, stocks, wealth.
The fifth age is the mature age where differentiation and choice dominate. This is where we are now.
The sixth age will be more of control where consumers will have little or no choice and technology will control people.

Age 1: dominated by survival. Individualistic.
Age 2: dominated by community.
Age 3: dominated by clusters, markets
Age 4: dominated by organizations, nation states
Age 5: individualistic again. The power back to the one.
Age 6: Organisational control. Biblical style.

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