So what is marketing anyway?

marketing is not a gamble
Marketing is a way of thinking; a world view. It is not sales or advertising even though 99% of “marketing” jobs are for sales and advertising. No! Marketing is a way of thinking that maximises all relationships, opportunities while minimising costs and obstacles.

Marketing allowed Kodak to stay in the photo business even when film is no longer in demand.
Marketing helped Barak Obama raise millions of dollars when no one else could.
Marketing helped me in Jonno’s Car Wash have a great relationship (friendship) with my competition.
Marketing can drive sales, it can even help you have a happy work force.

Like all business systems, marketing must align itself with your goals, vision, values, and, cooperate with HR, finance and every other department; internal or otherwise.

Marketing is more than brand, bigger than promotion, an amazing tool…a way of thinking.

After doing a law degree my father couldn’t walk into a shop without seeing risks and liabilities, infringements and court opportunities. He saw the world law-like. I see the world marketing-like. I can’t enter a shop, watch an ad, read an article, pick up a book without seeing (matrix style) the inner “code” of the marketing (or lack thereof) for that business, product or service.

How can marketing help you? First of all don’t be afraid of it. Marketing is like your best friend. It’s your guide, your sherpa to take you anywhere you want to go. Call it your Genie! Marketing will help you solve any business problem or opportunity.

You just need to know where you are going!

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