We are plugged in

We are plugged in to the matrix. The matrix is the old way of doing business; pre-web. There is a brave new world of the Internet and only some have taken the red pill. People like Seth Godin, Jeff Jarvis, Gary V, white rabbits, these are the Morpheus of this new world. They see what we don’t see. They laugh at the 1/3 of Australian businesses that don’t yet have a website. They roll on the ground laughing at those who think social media is a fad. They realise that everything has changed.

Like the Berlin wall, the end of the soviet union and the collapse of Rome is the end of the world of the Matrix: a world controlled by large corporations, inefficiency, scarcity and lies. In the new world of the web, the world we see, everything is based on abundance. Everyone has equal opportunity on the web. There are no rules. The walls have come down. You don’t need a Sony to become a world changing musician. You don’t need a publisher to become a world changing author. You don’t need Hollywood to become a famous producer. Permission is already granted. Entry is free.

You just need to take the red pill.

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