Self Organising Communities

This is my first post on Self Organising Communities. I believe the Internet has caused a power shift from organisations to individuals that has allowed us “the people” to self organise in ways we never had before. What happened in Egypt and Libya was no suprise to me as I observed the walls coming down. The Internet has shifted power to people from organisations due to the very fact that the Internet was created to take walls away. The Internet is an unwalled garden. Everyone is equal in the internet. All data is equal. People can link to and from any thing they like. Of course governments and telecommunications companies have attempted to control the Internet and net neutrality supporters like Jeff Jarvis continue to hold up the basic human right of uncontrolled Internet:

  • Apple’s iTunes is outside of the Internet in the sense that they do not use URLS See Link See Link
  • Facebook is in a sense a closed garden in that only friends can view content. This effectively takes Facebook outside of the Internet in that if I am not your friend I cannot search, see or find your data.
  • Telecommunications companies like to try to control the Internet also see internet-schminternet
  • Tim Berners Lee inventor of the Internet tries to protect the openness unwalledness of the Internet:

  • Berners-Lee to protect ‘open internet’ – Telegraph
  • Tim Berners-Lee pushes net neutrality at ISP roundtable – 16 Mar
  • Web Inventor Stands Up For The Open Internet
  • Schminternet
  • The fact is we dont want to be organised! We want to organise ourselves.

  • People don’t want to be controlled by their governments. They want freedom of speech and Egypt and Libya was the first demonstration of that
  • People don’t want to pay $40 for a CD and iTunes is the first sign of that
  • People dont want to watch ads and Youtube is the first sign of that
  • People dont want ti pay for news
  • People dont want to travel to be educated
  • The list will go on and on
  • The result of this is people: self publish, self organise, self govern and self rule. The result of this is improved efficiency, quality and productivity and innovation. Better for the consumer.

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