Help your business or not for profit make the most of online

So you have a website. That’s not enough. You need to make the most of the social web and free services and tools that make you findable – on mobiles as well as on “line”.

Perhaps your one of the 60% of businesses that have a website. Don’t stop there. Become one of the 1% who actually make online work for them!

1. First of all have a website that works – use a domain that suits, adds meaning and is credible. For example a church should ensure it has a “.org” for credibility. Ensure the content is good and updated regulalry.

2. Make it local – Submit your website and business location to Google Places. It’s free and it’s like Google giving you a website that they want to rank highly! Grab your listing or add it now: Google Places See my earlier posts on that.

3. SEO – Add your business to local free business listings such as Light FM for Melbourne – click here and submit your URL to as many spiders as possible. Try this.

4. Social – Create a Twitter account for real time search hits coming to your website. Post meaningful, relevant information. Remember this is all about adding value and content so know your readers/followers. Read tribes. Start your following and be patient. It takes time.

5. Connect – Create a newsletter using constant contact . This is important. Feed your tribe. Connect with them. They are down on what they are not up on. Remember to send up to date newsletters often and build that community.

6. Converse – have conversations with people. Reply to their comments. Have a blog. Try blogger or wordpress or Vibe.

7. Enjoy – you’re never “there”. Accept that it’s always evolving.

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