Consumer Confidence

Consumer confidence is down. Cinema’s are not selling nearly as many tickets. Cafe’s and their suppliers are sharing that they are really quiet at the moment. Locally in Melbourne, Australia people have stopped spending as much. It may be the carbon tax, the increase in electricity, the uncertainty about Japan, Libya, wars and rumours of wars. So what do you do as a business? You keep working. (Have a read of Seth’s blog on work)

Work is:

  • Customer service
  • Adding value
  • Actually listening to your customers needs
  • Taking action (again see Seth’s blog on Poke the Box!)
  • Try something new: launch a new product, sell to existings, price cut, take risks
  • What ever you do dont stop working!
  • A word on customer service. Australia is the most franchised nation in the world (franchises per capita) which I believe has caused a reduction in the amount of true customer service in the country. This is due to the systemisation of customer service. Unfortunately for systems people customer service is a person! And as much as I love systems and streamlining and processes nothing beats a person who cares. So keep caring!

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