iPad usefulness

The iPad is a tool. Like any tool you need to learn how to use it. When used right, with the right apps you can boost productivity, but it has serious debilitating limitations imposed by Apple. The iPad is not a phone. It does not allow you to multiple-task in the way a laptop does (You can multi-task in the sense of running 2 apps simultaneous however this is not true multiple-tasking. For example you cannot watch a movie and email/chat at the same time. This sucks when I want to take notes or visit a web page whilst watching This Week in Google with lep Laporte). When you switch to email the movie stops. Bummer) -2points. You can’t tether to iPhone so you have to have 2 data sims -2 points. It’s not “smart” enough to know when to switch your blutooth between devices example: you’re watching a movie on iPad using BT headset, your phone rings – you have to disconnect BT from iPad then connect BT to iPhone. Bad news. Silly -2 points. So what’s that out of 10? 2.

In summary the iPad is a consumption device. You can type and everything however you tend to grab the laptop is f it’s there. If ou ever had a laptop nearby you would always dump the iPad and grab the laptop. The only benefit of the iPad is it’s mobility. It’s GREAT when you’re on a tram or at a cafe and want to watch a news video or use flipboard (awesome!!!) however when you’re at home or the office – why would you use an iPad? It’s good taking notes in church. I find that I can do anything I can do on the iPad on the iPhone. However I find that on the iPad I only use Mercury browser (for gmail etc) and occasionally twitter. I never use any apps. For example if I want a map I use my iPhone. If I wanted to produce (rather than consume) content (ie write a blog essay or newsletter) I would not use the iPad.

Also double-bummer no flash so 90% of videos don’t work. Yes YouTube works and ustream.tv however 90% of websites that have embedded videos don’t work.

Did you know google has released it’s own tablet that only has chrome browser? No operating system! That’s the future – everything i do in the browser. As I said on the iPad I pretty much only use a browser.

iPad 2 promises more. We’ll wait and see. For me I am going for the Chrome based Google Tab or Android phone and tablet, Xoom.

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