The web of intent

Everyone is saying that Mobile is the “next big thing” however we all know that already. The power of increased bandwidth, battery life and touch screens will place power and interconnectivity between humans and objects like never before. Near Field Communications (NFC) and RFID are two more things that can change the way we do business. (You will read more about NFC in the coming months).

However this newer term, “The Web of Intent” is very interesting. The web of intent is a series of mechanisms that are being invented right now that are designed to be stronger and more effective filters for the way we pass information. At the moment there is not to much information, there is a problem with the way we filter it. (See my post on someone needing to invent a search that is relevant). These filters may be social or code but they will come.

The quickened pace of content production and distribution have created a stream of information that we have trouble focusing our attention on, much less our intention. Establishing (indeed, re-establishing) a true Web of Intent will require different interaction with the stream, one that insists on active participation and creative work, rather than passive consumption. – Nova Spivack

Interesting reads:

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