Eric Schmidt CEO of Google on why Mobile is taking off

  • Everything changes all the time
  • Mobile exceeding all expectations
  • Real-time data is changing things
  • Online Ads to reach $200billion per year
  • Need tablet, desktop and mobile campaigns
  • Stay user focused
  • New model for online advertising is real-time, not static
  • “Information has fundamentally been about elites…does not discrimiate”
  • Between 1-2billion people who have never been connected will connect to the internet
  • Eric Schmidt at Mobile World Congress

  • Soon technology will start serving humans rather than the other way around
  • Imagine every device you have connected to the cloud
  • Think mobile first
  • Mobile is where the action is
  • Smart phone sales surpassed PC sales a long time ago
  • 3 technology trends create this mobile revolution…
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