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I’d really like a preferences based search interface for iPad iPhone and mac. Im finding google is not relevant these days. Today i was looking for a cafe that was open on a Monday. I couldn’t find it. Doing my phd research would have been easier. Googles results for “cafe near me that’s open and serves bonsoy” gave me nothing. Google didn’t know that i wanted a place. It didn’t select “google places” for me nor did it find my location. It didn’t know what types of cafes i liked or places ive been to in the past. I even tried Urbanspoon which gave me nearby cafes but didn’t allow me to search for cafes that are open on Mondays. I had to drive past 2 and see the doors closed. Even though urbansooon has opening hours you had to look in each file and dig for that info. I propose that Rodney (@breakthruonline) makes a preference based search engine that remembers the WAY i like to search. I want to train that search engine to know that when i search for a cafe to always search for ones nearby, that use bonsoy and that are open. I want that search engine to remember that when i am looking for a cafe or restaurant to always select google places and to give the results based on popularity not price. 

Every time i do a search on google or Facebook or urban spoon i have to train the search engine again and again to know what is relevant for me. i want my search engine to remember the WAY i like my results served to me. Is that too much to ask?

All of these asks are simple and easily added to a search engine by selecting “more options” on google or “filter” for urban spoon. These is an opportunity for someone (hint Rodney) to create a user interface based on google that remembers the WAY i want my search results served to me. 

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