Personal organisation

New: Video tutorial showing how this works!
A great marketing strategy without supporting and complimentary systems will fail. (A great website with no one checking the contact form is useless!) So here is a great system to become the KING of your digital world:

Control your Outflow

Consolidate all of your output; be it work emails, implementation of tasks, people you see, calendar entries into ONE PLACE. I use this system:

A. Use Gmail (or Hotmail) for everything. That’s right. Make the decision that EVERYTHING in your life goes through your inbox. Then use your inbox to determine what to do.
B. File every email you are sent or send or send yourself. Make sure your inbox is EMPTY. That’s right. Do this by…
C. Creating folders or “labels” (in Gmail) according to urgency and importance, such as for example:

  • Personal Urgent & Important
  • Personal Not Urgent & Important
  • Work Urgent & Important
  • Work Not Urgent & Important
  • D. Then file every email, task, newsletter, and appointment into one of these categories. You may make other folders for filing, however these are for ACTIONING or implementing your outflows. (Any email that is not Important gets archived FOREVER as it is not important. This was you control your information. Now how to control your actioning or output or implementation:
    E. On the appropriate day of the week (such as a work day) go through the emails in the Work Urgent and Important folder first, and then get to the Work Not urgent & Important folder second. If you don’t get to the not urgent folder don’t worry – it’s not urgent!
    F. Go ahead and ENTER all the Urgent and Important Tasks and Appointments into your calendar, or do them right away as you feel led. When you discover Urgent and Important appointments ENTER them into your Gmail Calendar.
    G. Finally set your calendar options/settings to EMAIL you alerts for ALL appointments (or, I use a daily agenda notification only) and that is what you work on for the day! My calendar notification naming my current daily appointments, calls and tasks is therefore the ONLY this I need to work on, and the only thing I allow to stay in your inbox until you have completed them. Then I delete them.

    That is how to control your outflow – ensuring everything you need to think about is the only thing in your inbox.

    Your new system will consolidate all your inflows into one page, and consolidate all your outflows (emails, tasks, calls, reminders, appointments) into another page: Your inbox (which should be empty all the time due to this system!) Enjoy!

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