How do I get my business on mobile phones?

It’s interesting: when I started a mobile business, literally driving to businesses to wash their cars, Jonno’s Car Wash was a truly mobile business. However nowadays we all need to tae our businesses mobile. The stats are overwhelming more and more people are accessing Facebook, restaurants and all sorts of purchases via their mobile devices. says that there are 1.8 billion credit cards in the world, yet there are close to 3 billion mobile devices. That’s a big market! And that’s a market we all want to be in.

With the proliferation of search (google, twitter, live search) changing the way we look for products and services mobile is the current big wave of change for all businesses.

Here’s a short list – to be added to later – of ways to get your business online.

1. Mobilisation of your website
2. Web applications
3. iPhone or Andorid development

Mobilising your website – creating a mobile friendly site:

The easiest and free* way to get your business website online is to “Mobilise it”. If you already have a blog or website and have developed your own SEO (Search engine optimsation – how to get found online by sites like Google or Bing)
will instantly, safely and almost freely make your website or blog mobile friendly. You can even test your site to see how it will look online. So if you’re already online, and popping up on searches, people with a mobile or smart phone will be able to see your site.

Benefits of Mobilisation:

  • Quick, cheap and easy
  • No ongoing development costs
  • Easymobilizer will add “touch to call” and “you tube videos” for free
  • No code required, or very little one line of code entered in to your home page
  • Creating a web application

    A web application is different to a App. Wikipedia defines a Web app as, “an application that uses technologies such as Javascript, CSS, and HTML5 and is executed in a web browser”. An iPhone or Android app is different in that it is more like a program than a website. CSS Tricks has a great article on creating a web app: CSS Tricks or Lifehacker writes on the same topic.

    Creating an iPhone App

    Finally you can become an iOS (That’s Apples phone operating system. Google’s phone operating system is Andorid). Here is a site that will get you started:

    As a marketing strategist I am so strongly in the belief that good strategy is key. It’s not as simple as creating a web app for your business. You have to ask the questions:

  • Who are my customers?
  • What are they searching for?
  • What type of phone devices do my prospects use?
  • What features would my clients/prospects look for in accessing my site from their phone
  • Am I wanting to find new customers, or sell more to existing clients?
  • Only when you answer all of these questions and more can you even start to dream about what your next step is. If you would want to chat about the right strategy for your business contact me.

    If you would like someone to design and construct a mobile solution for your business then contact me

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