Google Places – Mobile Business

Google founder and CEO Eric Schmidt announces recently to Business Review Weekly that “All of Google’s strategic objectives for 2011 are mobile”. This is significant. This is Google we’re talking about. What Google places emphasis will change the world and business. (Source @JeffJarvis)

One of the best ways to enter the mobile market – reaching your customers via their phones – is to CLAIM your FREE Places listing!

It fascinates me that still 50% of small businesses do not have a wesbsite and I would estimate that 95% have not claimed their Google Places FREE website nor their Facebook Place. This is madness!

Here are some cures for your business madness:

  • Claim your Google Places site –
  • Create your first Google Places Offer – Click here
  • Claim your custom tiny URL for your business. Example Go to and customise your website url quickly!
  • Get your Twitter URL – do it!
  • Start to submit your website to FREE business networks, online search listings etc
  • As your friends to Review your business online –
  • Enjoy being found FOR FREE!

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