The Walls Are Coming Down

It’s interesting what’s happening at the moment. 3 of my video stores have closed down. Borders books are going under. It’s the Internet. It’s e-books and downloads and iTunes. But it’s the walls that are coming down.

So what is the wall? It’s middlemen. It’s inefficiency. It’s greed. Let me give you an example or two:

I used to pay $3000 for the privilege of being in your newspaper (paying for ink) with no guarantee that anyone would ever see my ad or buy my product. Now I pay Google $2 for a click – an absolute guarantee that that person wants to buy my product and is ON my website!

I used to have to prove my ability to a yuppie-nosed publisher and beg them to print my work. They used to get 80% of my money. Now I self-publish for FREE using WordPress (books) or Redbubble (photography) or whatever platform I choose.

Music & Arts:
I used to have to find a distributor like Sony and hope they take me on. Now I publish, sell and distribute my music on iTunes, and MySpace. Many bands are successfully doing this now. Some have dropped their distributors.

There are many more examples of the walls coming down. AND ITS NOT LIMITED TO TECHNOLOGY.

The Walls of MEDIA, EDUCATION, GOVERNMENT are all coming down. And those companies and instritutions must re-invent themselves or they will die.

Wikileaks is just ONE small example of ONE wall coming down in the area of government (secrecy). More walls can come down.

Government: Must accept that the PEOPLE have ALL the power and MOST of the information and ALLOW them to EXPRESS their VOTES and OPINION in every day life through REALTIME voting.
Education: Universities who put up walls of inefficiency forcing people to travel countries to study must lower their walls and allow people to study entire courses online.
Media: Print media will die unless it reinvents itself. Sorry guys INFORMATION is now FREE it is not a commodity.

This information is hugely powerful. ANy industry you are in can benefit from letting the walls down. Just ask the question “what walls, inefficiencies, middlemen are in MY industry” then imagine that problem solved using the Internet.

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