Android or iPhone what to choose

Our phones are becoming more and more powerful. I remember asking my “Orange” teclo for a phone that offered email, video and in 2000 they said it didn’t exist. Now it does. I am living in the future I tell myself. I am surfing the web, watching video’s…doing anything I can do on a PC from my phone. However there is a Great Wall of Phones dividing two worlds – Android and Other.

Android is Google’s Free, Open software that manufacturers like Samsung are using for their smart phones. The benefit of Android for manufacturers is it’s free and easy to build on, and it’s open.
The benefit of Android for users is there are unlimited applications and uses – like the Web, android does not limit the user experience in the way iPhone does (iPhone’s operating system is iOS and limits what you can do. Android does not limit this which means greater risk for security, however greater opportunity). Android also means Google Platform, so whether you log on to your PC or your phone or a TV or freezer for that matter you will find all your data at the same place.

Cloud computing is fantastic for these reasons:
1. Speed – because your data is stored off-site
2. Convenience – everything is in the one place, online
3. Transferability – you can access it from any device

Cloud computing however has it’s challenges:
1. Bandwidth – it is limited by your connected to the Internet
2. Security – there are still concerns about wireless and hackers
3. Lock-out – if you lose your Google Account you lose everything

Android on Wikipedia

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