A work colleague sent me a very informative video explaining how Google SEO worked. However this made me ask the question: how relevant is google’s way of search now anyway?

Google’s way of scrubbing the web will always have it’s place. However it is changing very fast and may soon be fiction, or simply a back-up system that some systems connect to. This is largely due to a) social searchsearch results based on what your friends recommend; and b) geo-location based search – search results based on your location. (See Facebook Deals). Google has attempted social search however they may lose this race as fast as they have lost the social race.

Google is not very good at social. Google Wave failed. Google buzz failed. And now with Apple launching Ping, and Facebook becoming a platform (not a social network) with Facebook Connect and Facebook Integration (see http://developers.facebook.com/?ref=pf) Google’s way of searching may become less relevant, or more in the background. (See my article on Facebook Platform).

Social Search is where people search for what they are looking for by searching through their friends/networks preferences, suggestions, posts on facebook, etc. With Apple TV and Google TV being a reality people are now seeing that social search will be king of media. Who wants to search through 100,000,000 TV shows, when you can see what Jonathon “liked” and simply watch that…


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