Is social a trend or a Fad? *Social *People *Information

Hey guys, Haven’t posted in a while cos my “day job” leading a church has been really fun of late. (Released a new brand, new site, new logo, new gatherings location – lots of fun here) Side note on that is that there is no “C3NC” on the web so we’re already high on the search ranking. Our logo is unique and our vision-values-location-team all align. So we’re pumped for real 4 figure growth over the next year(s). Here begins the article…

Organisation is a trend.

We forget that we are in the information age.

Google organised information better than anyone else.
When Google hit the search scene it was nearly impossible to not get a porn site when you typed in “football”
Google elequently and brilliantly organised the information on the Internet and made it USEABLE. That’s what this is all about – business – by the way: adding value. If you are not adding value you will probably die financially and especially now the web is going social.

So, basic summary. Google thrived in the *Information Revolution, because they *Added value by *organising *information in a way that was eloquent and easy to use. (Remember the noise on the front page of Yahoo – and Google just gave us what we wanted – search).

Now, Apple and Facebook and Microsoft are are battling over *people. Now this is a huge change.

Where Google *organised information. Facebook and Apple are organising *people. This isn’t to say that Google can’t add this to their business model, however I would discourage that because it’s not their core competency. Buzz and other Google ideas may not have worked because they were not their core business offering: information organisation. Now, in 10 years, perhaps, people will be information as we move online more and more. However for now, the companies that can eloquently and brilliantly add value by organising people (Twitter, Facebook) will win the social fad, but NOT the information Trend.

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