Born Identity

Bourne – we love Bourne because he had this potential inside of himself. He had this explosive, unexpected potential for greatness – to flip a guy over using his subconscious martial arts training or drive a mini through Paris and not get caught – and you and I were created for greatness! We are all born to be “Bourne’s” and deep down inside we know it! That’s why we love the movie. But why don’t we succeed then? What is stopping us? Well like Bourne we have this evil nemesis (the CIA officer) on the inside of us well. Jesus said he didn’t trust man because he knew what was inside a man. (John 2:23)

Seth Godin calls him the ‘lizard within’. You’ve got to slap him. Call him the devil, lucifer or Ego or the CIA guy – he exists and he’s real! (See: Lizard).

So slap the lizard and call up Roger!

1. Live from your heart
2. Stop thinking so much
3. Allow the creative juices (the dream) to rise

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