You can do it – the power of encouragement

Courage is placed inside you when you are encouraged. The business community really needs encouragement. You can build a great business and feel very alone. “My customers don’t appreciate me”. “My staff do not understand my vision”. Encouragement will build your business.

How to get encouragement

1. Build a business you believe in – your passion will keep you going!
2. Listen to Roger – he will get you there (2 previous posts on consistency & Roger)
3. Gather Champions around you – people who believe in you
4. Operate by principles – if you do what is right now, you will have peace *and courage that it will pay off
5. Reward yourself. When you make that sale – buy yourself a gift.
6. Be goal driven
7. Excel at what you do. Work is the reward for Work. See Proverbs.

(Here’s your first star sticker – in case you never received one at school!)

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