Jonathon’s rules

1. The rules (of business) have changed
2. (All) Marketing is now social
3. You must lead your flock (as in your customers are your tribe). Search my posts for “tribes”.
4. Every business is a niche business (no matter the size treat your customers as niche/cult followers.
5. Continually adopt new technologies – change will not stop. You must ride the wave or you will miss it. Denial is failure.
6. Think ahead – future is the market. Start to market to your customers using tomorrows methods or die.
7. Be the best (at what you do. Offer quality no matter what. Customers are smart). Love your tribe. Do what they want. Serve them. Give them what they want. Listen.
8. Reinvent. Constantly.
9. Don’t have a business model. (That doesn’t mean don’t plan. It means be flexible). Rather have your finger on the pulse of the heart of your niche tribe.
10. Break the rules. (Yes these rules). In other words be yourself or fail.

Recommended reading: What Would Google Do – by Jeff Jarvis

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