The adoption of mobile web is 8 times what the same adoption of the desktop web was 10 years ago. You are in business, you need to know what convergences and technologies and marketing strategies are available for you. This “gadget” video is powerful. It’s a symbol of how everything is changing in business and marketing. I am predicting that in 10 years 90% of enterprises today won’t exist, unless they change. There is a similar theme here:

  • The rules have changed
  • The business that listens will win – enter the conversation
  • Social marketing has replaced marketing
  • Every business MUST be a nice business
  • You must lead your tribe or they won’t follow you
  • As you watch this techno gadget video listen and watch to see what is really happening. Do you see it? Is this an ad for a new toy? NO! It’s a symbol that all the rules have changed. Hello?! The phone is a universal remote control! How does your business look through the rules of this new social web?

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