The power of re-invention

The juice you need for business and life is inspiration, energy; that buzz; the entrepreneurial spirit. The risk taker meets the technician and manager to create something that adds value. But we all get locked into the imaginary rules of our business model and say things like IBM who said that there was worldwide demand for 100 computers.

There is a power in re-invention, the power of looking outside the box. Valuing ideas. Ideas are powerful. Having an open mind and asking questions. This is not innovation. It’s reinvention.

Kodak reinvented itself when it decided to move from being the largest consumer of silver in the world to becoming a leading digital imagery, camera manufacturer and service provider. When I started cleaning cars with Enjo in 2004 it was against the “rules” tp wash a car without chemicals.

Re-invention is not innovation. It’s about permission. It’s about asking questions.

Apple with iTunes reinvented the way we organise and consumes music.
Facebook reinvented the way people connect.
Some idiots 🙂 reinvented how we watch the soccer with the Vuvuzela horn.

Nonetheless people who value ideas, who ask questions and who re-invent themselves win.


Start to re-invent yourself:

1. Ask questions. Yes go ahead ask, “How can it be done better?”
2. Read books: read E-myth, Tribes and Twit.
3. Ask someone for help: see a business coach or consultant
4. Step outside of the “rules” of your business model. How would you do it if you were the first (insert name of what you do/offer/make/sell) in the world? Write that down.
5. Look at how your competitors are doing it. Yes: copying may be reinvention for you!
6. Invest in a new technology. Try something new. Launch that orange flavoured Twisty chip.
7. Do something to assist your competition. Send them some customers. Send them some money.

The true path to reinvention – whether are are church or government or service or product – is to be an ideas man.

I’m one of them.

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