Prince may be onto something…

Prince the famous rock musician is quoted saying, “The Internet is over” and seemingly hilarous comments such as “‘The internet’s like MTV,’ the star said to the Mirror’s correspondent. ‘At one time, MTV was hip, and suddenly it became outdated.’”

However he may be onto something. No, seriously. If he believes that he has a cult following who will feel that his music is more valuable, more scarce and more different then Prince may have a purple cow. His followers would feel special because “only they” found him, he would develop a great reputation with Mirror Magazine and perhaps the two would stay in business. Then those early adopters or loyal followers would, like Seth Godin rightly predicts they do, spread his idea. Cos remember, Ideas are powerful!

However I doubt it! Let’s wait and see…whether this Purple Prince is a purple dud or a power pusher!

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