Are you a producer or a consumer?

The businesses that consume their clients content are the ones who succeed:

  • The ‘producers’ have become the ‘consumers’
  • The businesses that succeed are consuming what we create
  • The customers that are happy are the ones producing and being heard/watched/read:
  • Obama consumed his voters opinions in a way no politician ever had
  • Facebook consumes our lives, our identity and our content; and we (the new producers) are happy
  • Youtube consumes 24 hours of our content in video format every minute!

    The tables have turned. We the people are no longer consumers, we have become producers producing our own content, our own ads, our own products.

    Perhaps this is because there is too much content to consume?
    TV, H-D TV, DVD, BlueRay, Tivo, Cable, Internet Television, Ahhh!

    I believe and predict that the businesses, governments and organisations (and individuals!) who make it easy for our followers to produce their content eloquently and easily share it are the ones who will win.

    We are in a post-consumer environment. We are in a self-production movement. The price of producing is free. The dreamer within is released. We are all fulfilling our destiny to go forth and multiply. Let’s hope it’s in the image of God.

  • 2 thoughts on “Are you a producer or a consumer?

    1. Great thoughts again
      I guess for me, we are still in the age of the consumer because consumers have greater choice than ever before.
      However I also believe that we are in the era of being in niche media. We are moving fast from “free to air” to a new place which I’ve called “free to person”.
      As marketers of the 21st century, we have the opportunity to go direct to our own niche tribe of real believers who are demanding more and more for free but are then often the greatest supporters and buyers of our goods and services.


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