Bread and basics

What bread are you eating this morning? Have you slapped the Lizard this morning? The bread of goals and plans and values is a good way to start the day. Do you see what your moving towards? The opposite is terrifying! Focus, consistency (or continuance as Master Mark Kelsey puts it) is key. So a balanced diet of setting goals, believing in yourself and quieting the Lizard are fundamental.

As Sifu Seth says, “Your lizard brain is here to stay, and your job is to figure out how to quiet it and ignore it”

The greatest Kung Fu Masters with the highest degree of awesomeness (note: quote from Kung Fu Panda) all have major setbacks, some have migranes, some have thorns, but we all must silence the Lizard.

silence the lizard brain
10 ways to silence the Lizard brain:
1. Set goals, make those your focus
2. Surround yourself with Champions – people who believe in you
3. Reward yourself when you achieve small objectives
4. Take rest daily, if not weekly
5. Know your “burnout” look for the signs when you need a rest
6. Speak to a mentor: wisdom is in the council of many
7. Be yourself. Nothing saps energy more than trying to be someone else
8. Be honest. Know your weaknesses. Outsource them.
9. Smile. Seriously chemicals are released that make you happy.
10. God space or refocus. Go to where “God is” not where He isn’t.

We’re on a journey so let’s enjoy the ride.

Walking with you.

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