10 FREE ways to grow your business using social media & marketing

1. Apply for Awards. Local municipalities, large business and government all offer award categories for small business, large business, micro business, “best enviro business” and so on. This will generate PR, free media & credibility.

Awards I’ve won:

2. Join a small business network. Most councils will offer a business network or join BHI. This is a place to unapologetically promote your business, learn and network. It works. Especially for word of mouth.
Melbourne try http://www.bhtafe.edu.au/bec

3. Business cards. Don’t forget, “whoever throws the most spagetti to the wall get more to stick

4. Submit URL: This is completely free and it works. Submit your www-dot-com to Yahoo. Google. Bing. (Just dont fall for the free-muim crap.
http://www.google.co.uk/addurl/ http://www.submitexpress.com/

Submit URL to Google

5. Submit to free business listings: Many small business, radio, churches, even hillsong, have a free business listing, such as www.lightfm.com.au. Do it!

6. Greeting cards. Send your clients cards/ecards every month of the year. January = Happy NY. February = Valentines, and so on. It sounds corny but it works. “People are down on what they’re not up on” – phil pringle.

7. Submit your business to online business directories such as Truelocal

8. MUST DO: Submit to Google Maps! People driving and walking on the phones will find a business that is listed on Google Maps.

Google Maps

9. Blogging: Write about your business. Set up a free blog at www.wordpress.com in 2 minutes. More writing, more findings.

10. Twitter: Stay up to date with your industry by following. Keep your clients up to date as well.

Contact Jonathon for your first consultation. Can be over skype.

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