All things google

Google mastered search with the idea of indexing the web. They bought Youtube and monopolised video on the web. Android phones are outselling iphones in US (see: and Google’s first Operating System “Google Chrome OS” will be launched this year. Owning the search, video, phone and OS markets will happen. But remember people who don’t own an Android phone, don’t use google OS and don’t search on Google still use google. Many search engines including Bing are built on google. Most websites you go to have Adsense on them and even Ford is manufacturing all news cars with Google software built in to it’s navigation. Certainly Google is good for small business. Time to consider all things google.

Google also offers free phone to all of USA See:

Google also offers free city wide wireless to some US cities. I wonder what will happen to business and government if and when Google offers world-wide free wireless?

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