I have noticed the Self Production Movement across all industries. It is a:

Move from consumption of content to production of content by “consumers”
Move from production of content to organisation of content by “producers”

Here are some of my so called ‘rules’ of the SELF PRODUCTION MOVEMENT:
1. People are now organising themselves – so governments and companies can stop trying to organise us
2. The tables have now turned (as mentioned above) we the people are the new producers
3. The companies that succeed are the ones who serve the producers, companies like Google, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, even TV companies who organise the content WE create.
4. Everyone who resists this will suffer in some way economically, socially and personally.

If you look at Master Chef and Big Brother and Australian Idol and even eBay – across every industry – media, education and telecommunication – those who organise OUR production win!

Facebook – organises my personal information, my photo’s my thoughts
YouTube – organises my videos
Flickr – organises my photos
eBay – organises my stuff

And so on and so forth.


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