Human Screening (article 1)

Humans began to relate via screen more than 50 years ago.
A person last night was saying that Facebook and the social media revolution (see this post) is changing how people interact and that that was a bad thing. “Mate!” I said, “This has been happening for 60 years”. The fact that 550,000,000 people are now on Facebook is NOT a new thing.

1920s there were NO screen in people’s homes.
1960s people bough their first TV SCREEN = 1
1980s ATMs replaced TELLERS at Banks =2
1990s introduce mobiles, SMS = 3,4,5
2000s self serve supermarkets (see image)
2010s facial recognition, online education, Skype, and more…

Face it (notice the pun!) we have been interacting via SCREENS for 60 years. Facebook is not a new thing! Facebook has not changed anything. All FB has done is efficiently organise what is already happening: the self-production movement. This is the most significant marketing opportunity that has ever happened! I just realised that we have become the producers and the suppliers (formerly producers) have become the receivers or consumers. Think about it, we produce home video’s and upload them to Youtube. That’s right. I was the producer and Google (owner of Youtube) consumed or received my product! Amazing! The tables have turned. Hilarious to see companies like Telstra and Murdoch still trying to PRODUCE. Ha! Silly! You should LOOK AT GOOGLE and FACEBOOK and TWITTER and FLICKR and ANY business that is succeeding – THEY HAVE BECOME CONSUMERS: organising and serving US the producers with THEM the consumers software and systems.

Telstra should STOP selling communication and start selling SOFTWARE that will enable it’s customers to SELF-ORGANISE their OWN CONTENT. Telstra YOU ARE NOT SELLING CONTENT ANY MORE – WE ARE the content. WE want to self organise and self produce.

That’s right: Twitter and Facebook and Master Chef and Google and Youtube and EBAY and every other succeeding business has eloquently organised MY production (video’s, wall, chat, emails, photo’s, money, education, news, etc, family tree, etc etc) and MADE MONEY doing it!

See post the production movement Laptop screen, work PC screen, iPhone screen, iPad screen, the SCREEN at the cinema, the screen at the Supermarket (noticed the way you self-serve now), the SCREEN at the petrol station (Self serve), the screen at the Noodle restaurant in Tokyo, the SCREEN on your fridge and in your CAR and so on and so forth.

People study at University – FROM HOME on a SCREEN.
Teenagers DATE via MSN SCREENS
Employers recruit via a screen (SEE SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO 2 posts ago)

You NO LONGER talk to the bank PERSON you talk to a SCREEN
You no longer study in a group you study via a screen
You no longer talk to a check out chick you talk to a screen

You get the pattern. We are a world of increasing screens and this will continue.

So if you think Facebook is a new thing – that people interact via screens only since 2008 – then you a wrong! Human screening began 60 years ago with TV and THIS (2010) is only the beginning.

1. People are organising themselves – stop trying to organise us governments, “leaders”, companies
2. The tables have turned – WE are the new producers in the Information Revolution NOT the suppliers of old
3. We want to produce our own content not consumer yours and the companies that succeed will be the ones who serve us, making it easier and funner to self-produce
4. Every company that resists this will be out of business (including governments and churches) by 2040.

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