Privacy is overrated

(Watch the video in my previos post)

Questioning Googles commitment to privacy? (See France claims success in Google privacy breach The German privacy paradox « BuzzMachine Privacy, publicness & penises). Google is guaranteed to build itself into your life: car, phone, home pc, house, life…. See: Ford adds ability to sync Google maps directions to Sync

Of course Google was collecting wireless info for Google Maps. Of course, Google’s mission statement (advertised on is

“to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”

Hello!??? The “world’s information” is pretty broad, hey? And if you look at what they’re doing: earth, maps, mail, videos, (and their acquisitions: youtube, etc) you can see they are serious about fulfilling their mission.

Now I am not saying Google is evil. Rather I am saying that privacy is probably an outdated concept and needs to be revisited. See:

Everything is being rewritten. The media, news, education, religion, business NEED to rewrite their foundational concepts, including banking and privacy. I think privacy should be included in our new charter of rights and protected, but what is privacy? See

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