Returning to our core

It’s true: we’ve forgotten the fundamentals of business:

1. Demand & Supply
2. Customer Service
3. Quality

I believe the franchise revolution (Australia is the most franchised nation in the world with more franchises per capita than the USA) has resulted in the loss of true, genuine customer service. We have scripted our call centres, manual-ised our customer servant assistants, and systemised our offering. This has resulted in great benefits – profit for owners, consistency for customers and happiness for staff; however the unexpected result is a nation that has forgotten how to love people.

My award winning small business, “Jonno’s Car Wash” was unique in that I actually cared. When I cleaned your car I did it as if Jesus was driving it. As if Nelson Mandela was the customer. As if it were my X5 BMW (2.).

1. Demand & Supply:

We forgot that advertising (yes the ads you see on TV, hear on Radio and see online) are the result of OVER-SUPPLY. We have mastered the Industrial Revolution, the Manufacturing Process, the COGS and FMCG and Just In Time Inventory and thus, have 5,000 brands of coffee to choose from. The essence (excuse the pun!): If there was 1 brand of coffee there would be no advertising.

The result is you need to differentiate. Be a purple cow. Be a purple pastor 🙂 !

2. Customer Service (See above)

3. Quality. Seriously, do I need to slap you? Live as Jesus lived. Walk as He walked. The sluggard does not get out of bed and the result is poverty (Proverbs). If you don’t shave you grow a beard. It’s that simple. If you do not offer a product or service 10% better (at least) than you competitors and at the same or lower price, then you will fail. For me, I offer a quality 200% better and sell it for 300% more – take Nudi Juice as an example.

I don’t care if you are Google or Richard Branson or GE if you do not obey the rules of the above you will fail. Definitely. What would Google do? Be different. Be yourself. Offer good quality at the right price; offer real customer service (like actually listen to your customers) and remember, you are not in control.

Return to your core. I am!

Are you coming with me?

World Franchise Council: (Australia’s Franchises account for 12% of GDP can you believe that?)

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