The elevator statement (2)


This is the second installment ( a more friendly and gentle one) on the the elevator statement. What’s The elevator statement? That is your 30 second ad that you know off by heart so that when someone hops in the elevator as you’re going up, and they get out one floor up, by that time you have “sold” them about your business and empowered them to sell you to others.

The elevator statement is:

1. Educational.
2. Brand, Benefit and Customer Focused
3. Less than 30 seconds long.
4. Empowers everyone you meet to sell your business.

How would you like to turn every person you ever meet into a salesman for your business and it’s free? It’s called The elevator statement and it is powerful.

Here’s a story: I met a man who was a landscaper. He went to people’s homes and did their gardening. He mowed lawns and after 15 years decided he wanted to be a “Landscape Designer” – be paid for the ideas behind the landscaping but NOT do the work! When I asked him what he did he rambled on about how he was dissatisfied with his job and bla bla bla I was NOT a salesman for his business. 1) I didn’t glean from what he said anything of value: ie I did not know what he did. 2) It was boring. Who cares?!

I empowered him with an elevator statement that started with his new phrase: “I am a Garden Architect”

Who cares that no one has ever heard of a garden architect, because it SELLS him perfectly. It’s what he does. It’s what he wants to do. Sure people in the Landscaping pooh-bar industry will say that term doesn’t exist, and sure he wont put that on his website or business cards, BUT it educated every person he meets about what he REALLY does; it empowers them to sell his business for him and builds relationship and trust

But that isn’t enough. The elevator statement for a Landscape Gardener – for his specific objectives is:

Person “What is your business”
Owner: “I am a Garden Architect: Home owners contract me to make their dream garden a picture perfect reality. My products include: Picture Creation and Project Oversight

Now, this elevator statement (1) clearly identifies who his customers are: HOME OWNERS. He is NOT interested in businesses or commercial or government work. So now, when that Person tells someone about the business he wont be wasting the business owners time by referring government contracts to him: embarrassing for everyone and not cost effective.

(2) This elevator statement creates a clear BRAND IMAGE and PICTURE of what the business SELLS i.e. Products. He can get your ideas on paper (Product 1: Picture Creation) or he can outsource the work and manage the project for you (Project Oversight). His premium product is product 2 where he makes the most money.

2 thoughts on “The elevator statement (2)

  1. Great post. I know elevator posts are supposed to be 30 seconds max, but I think these days we’ve got even less time. 5 seconds per sound-bite or I’m bored. Sad but true…

    1. Who are you? (5 seconds)
    2. What do you do? (5 seconds)
    3. Why does it matter (5 seconds)


    1. I’ll have to work on that, especially when I’ve got 3 businesses I’m working on. 5 seconds: now that’s a challenge!

      “I help small businesses tap into the power of the web using emerging and current technologies”


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