It’s all about people

I’ve realised that Marketing is about people. It’s about maximising the relationships we have. We must market to our staff, our competitors, our suppliers and our customers. It’s about maximising opportunities, minimising threats, optimising systems and processes, research, planning and work.

The basis for advertising is that there is over-supply. Because there are too many shoes, Nike must advertise and differentiate so that people choose Nike shoes over the 10 million other brands. If there was greater demand than supply, such as for gold, there is no need to advertise. Marketing is different. Everyone must market, even individuals. I believe we all need to self-brand. There are opportunities, threats, processes and systems, work and planning required for all of life. And if you can get the people around you to want you to succeed, to help you then you are better off. We all need to market. We dont all need to advertise.

One rule I live by is: “If you don’t brand yourself, someone else will”. If Nike doesn’t say, “We’re the best shoe and we’re the coolest shoe” then you wouldn’t think that would you? You might say, “Nike are bad shoes, they fall apart, they are made in China,” then a listener – a person who you marketed to – would have an image or brand of Nike that is different from the one Nike has for you. You were branded by a complainer rather than Nike.

The church is the worst at this generally. We have the best product imaginable – eternal life, peace with God, abundance (and it’s free!) – yet we do not brand ourselves well, generally. The church is “after your money”, and “the church is irrelevant” and “The priests are child molesters” are common brands that have been placed on the church. Unfortunately the church is often inept at marketing themselves or seeing the potential problem (and on the other side, benefit) of not marketing.

We need to brand or market ourselves every day. If you dont, someone else will.

The Purple Pastor!

One thought on “It’s all about people

  1. Jon, you’ve really hit the nail on the head here! The perceptions everyday people have of the Christian church are based on what they have seen and heard. For everyday people to change their perceptions, the church needs to market itself and back up their marketing with real-life experiences and actions that prove their marketing to be authentic and genuine. If marketing does not match reality, people lose trust and if we as Christians are to regain the trust of everyday people, we need to be like Jesus every day. Only a church that looks and sounds like Jesus can change the perceptions of the community, otherwise churches look more like sects, cults or religions to an outsider looking in.


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