Email Management

Part of my passion for technology, business, media and marketing – and part of any successful niche business – is systems. Systems are powerful. That’s what makes McDonalds successful. Not every franchise works, and not all systems are useful, however one system that is very important and necessary is email management.

I prefer to use a cloud email service because email in the cloud is accessible anywhere, anytime and anyhow – be it on your mobile, at an Internet cafe or your laptop.

Then you need to be-friend the email archive. Archive every email and you can search for them later.

Keep your inbox empty. There should be no messages in your inbox ever. Keep it empty.

Then use a filing system (like a label in Gmail) so that every email once scanned is placed in it’s rightful place.

Rule of thumb:

1. Read emails and take action – Don’t read it and then leave it there so you waste time twice.
2. When you read it, if you can respond in 1 minute or less do so immediately
3. If it takes longer than a minute, then file it in one of two places Urgent or Hold
4. Urgent: Go through these emails daily, such as: Post Letter to Mum, Send your boss the report, etc
5. Hold: Get back to these weekly, such as: I’ll get back to you.

The keys is always give a response, and always file it, never leave it in your inbox.

Finally, assign tasks to your tasks list, appointments into your calendar, bookmarks into your bookmark.

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