Google can’t lose

The company with the most open business model will win. Because it is in the characteristics of the net. See why-are-the-richest-people-in-the-world-geeks. Google has that business model. The more the Internet grows the better off Google will be. The more data there is to be searched, analysed and made useful the better off Google will be. They are not afraid of Twitter or Apple or iPhone or even Facebook because every time those companies grow, Google grows, because Google has MORE to organise and more to search!

More search simply means more advertising. Google doesn’t mind if you dont go to to search. Google doesnt care if you only ever and always search using BING! Because the website you find using Bing takes you to a page that Google advertises on! Try it, go to search for Jeff Jarvis Buzzmachine, and when you arrive at you will see Google ads on the righthand side. You will see Google Ads on iPhone apps, Gmail, Maps, everywhere.

This is why Google will win:

1. They are open:
– Anyone can use or not use Google. They dont care. They dont limit you like Facebook or Apple do. They force you to stay within their tiny little worlds. they dont want you to leave. They are afraid. Unfortunately fear always kills, shrinks. Google will grow.
2. They are a platform that OTHERS BUILD ON: Buzzmachine gets paid by Google Ads. Google videos are embedded on any-site. Any site can build on Google. They will win.

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