Integrate with Facebook

Many of us have realised the relevance of Facebook for our businesses. We realise that community exists on the web and that’s great. In fact 400 million people use Facebook every day. (Only 150 million use Gmail per month). Anyone who’s run a retail business knows that foot traffic is cash. So when everyone’s on Facebook it’s good business, isn’t it? Especially now:

Facebook have extended their grip with what’s called their Open Graph. What it basically means is that the whole web is now Facebook. That’s right! Even if you have set all your privacy settings to private (manually) and you have closed your Facebook tab, unless you have physically logged-off Facebook will know what sites you’ve been to. Try it: visit while you are logged into facebook for an example.

More than that is you can “Like” any page and that will show up on your profile, no matter what your privacy setting are.

More on Facebook’s new open graph policy: What you missed at Facebook’s f8 conference

Some, like Journalist Jeff Jarvis, are concerned about privacy:

Facebook’s Open Graph, I think, does not give us full control over our data and identities; it is not built to open standards; if it were, I’d be able to do what I want to do because others could build competing applications atop those standards. Then I’d be able to publish my identity on my own or through Facebook or through Acme ID Inc. and anyone could come along and verify my identity and publish that and developers would be able to come along and offer services based on that identity. But that works only if it is built to standards and principles, if it’s distributed and open. Open Graph is not. @Jeff Jarvis

However it is good for business, I think, and I have set up a Facebook “Like” button on my church page.

But do you want to do it? Here’s how:

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