Personal Organisation

is the foundation for your optimised life.

Gmail is:

  • Free
  • Web-based
  • Archive (never delete an email)
  • Almost never crashes
  • Massive Storage
  • Collates emails
  • Labels
  • Step 1: Keep your inbox empty

    Use your inbox to organise your life. Send your todo-lists (tasks) there. Email appointments to yourself. Heck, email everything. Then put everything in a folder.

    Have an Urgent or ToDo folder, and then work through that.
    Have a folder for every area of your life so when you log into your email you just file everything.


    Then guess what happens? You are forced to discipline your time and work on one thing at a time.

    When it’s family time, open the family folder or “label” and work through that list.
    When it’s work time don’t respond the the personal emails.

    Step 3: Use Labels to sift through your life


    Step 3: Don’t Multi-task

    Multi-tasking is deceptive. You actually get less done and finish nothing.

    Decide what you are doing based on what is urgent AND important (not just urgent!) and do that. Open the emails from that category and work through them. Stick to your decisions.

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