Rupert Murdoch’s pathetic paywall

This is a hilarious and eye-opening article about how old men try to control something they don’t understand. We with the open-eyes are not Y2K doomsdayers manipulating the world into buying products and services they don’t need. The Internet is NOT a trend. It’s a new business reality to use the words of Jeff Jarvis. Here’s an excerpt from Jeff’s Article Rupert Murdoch’s pathetic paywall:

According to his biographer Michael Wolff, Murdoch has not used the internet, let alone Google (he only recently discovered email) and so he cannot possibly understand the dynamics, demands and opportunities of our post-industrial, now-digital media economy. I use the internet and teach it and write about it and I still can’t grasp the complete implication of the change. I don’t think even Google can.

So to try to transpose old business models to this new business reality is simply insane. Just because people used to pay in print they should pay now – when the half-life of a scoop’s value is a click, when good-enough news that’s free is also a click away, when the new newsstand of Google and Twitter demands that you stay in the open, searchable and linkable? This argument I hear about paywalls comes from emotional entitlement (readers “should” pay – when did you ever see a business plan built on the verb “should”?), not hard economics.

Fortunately for us Gen X, Gen Y and Millennial’s the world is currently controlled by boomers who don’t see the revolution we’re in which opens up a massive opportunity for those who know how to build in the new online infrastructure.

The new online infrastructure – invisible to people like Murdoch who think the world hasn’t changed and Facebook and Google can be ignored – is a new world of freedom, democracy and abundance where walls including barriers to entry (think publishing) don’t exist except in the minds of government, old business fools and those who still read the paperback yellow pages and pay rent for a land line! Those people probably haven’t even read the A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace

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