What went wrong with Google Buzz?

Google made the mistake of assuming that people wanted to be organized. There is a difference between a platform and a network. Social networks must be allowed to grow organically. Like Gmail or Twitter it took years to flourish and Buzz must be allowed to do the same.

Goggles mission is to organize the worlds data. When they try to organize the worlds people they will not succeed. We will not be organized. We are messy. We change. I praise Google for the platforms they have built: apps, wave, buzz – all are platform, however I hope they don’t mistake a social, chaordic network – such as social – with a platfom.

Yes Google people and societies are built on platforms however WE choose where we want to live.

Good luck. Seems like you have to re-read Jeffa book!

Perhaps you know this and one day well all gravitationally fall into the master web of Google but for now – we choose!

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