Publicness – exploring a world without privacy

You’ve got to accept that privacy doesn’t exist anymore – only in our minds. Google, Credit Card Companies, the Government, and now our friends know everything about us. “Jonathon just wiped his…” – okay perhaps that wasn’t in the post – however you can see where this is going. So what are the advantages of a public Internet and a public world? First of all you don’t have to pay for anything. Movies, CDs, music and content are all free because there is no copyright! Great – that’s already happening – 1 billion video’s watched PER DAY on Youtube. What about e-commerce? Well everything you buy will get smarter – the shops, websites and companies you buy from will know what you want before you do. Google already does that by using cookies when you search or email or use maps. The downside I guess is that we are trusting people more and more. Gina Trapani says, “We already trust the people on the otherside of the road not to hit us” public web is the same. We have to trust people. Of course there are things we can do, like wear a seat belt and keep our eyes open. So we protect our passwords and yeah read between the lines.

Publicness is here. It is changing the way we live. Get used to it and start to market based on the publicness of your consumers and friends.

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