Online Brand Infrastructures

Infrastructures n. the basic, underlying framework or features of a system or organisation

Your brand needs to be defined. The basic principle here is that if you don’t brand yourself someone else will. McDonalds failed to brand themselves as healthy and so “Supersize Me” did it for them. Of course there is no rabbit meat in the nuggets or pig fat in the sundae’s however there was a brand deficit and the market filled it.

I am very proud of McDonalds Australia who aggressively filled that brand deficit with truth – do you remember all the TV ads and flyers? Now all the burgers have branding – everything is branded.

An Online Brand Infrastructure is the product of implementing a targeted, systematic brand strategy on the web, utilising all available networks, and applications in order to build a platform for future growth, challenges and technological change.

This is about being buoyant, search-able and powerful in this new Internet Revolution. Can you handle it?

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