How to connect in the new brand infrastructure

The ultimate human need is touch or intimacy. We were made to have intimacy with God and one another. Whether it is the smell of a rose, the colour of an apple or the touch of a mother you need intimacy, community and connection. As a pastor I know that God-encounters are important, the spiritual electricity that buzzes through a worship service however at the end of the day its the connections – person to person – that keep people following Christ. If we let go of that initial connection we are lost. The branch apart from the tree is dead and so are we. In marketing terms we must nourish and supply those connections – those connections that already exist. The business grows as each part does its share, nourishing joins and ligaments. This is fascinating as this is exactly the model Google has and Jeff Jarvis says.

The link economy is the new economy where connections (or links) make or break a business. When you buy a product or service on the web, or connect with a friend, or read an article you clicked a link first. This is the revolution of the web-based link economy. The power of business and marketing is now in the connections between businesses, people, clients, websites, networks, competitors, blogs and the like, and not in the ability to interrupt them with irrelevant messages. The power of marketing is now in the links. It’s the connection that counts.

Your market is already connected!

This is the fundamental underlying truth – current reality – of the new market. People don’t want to be interrupted. There is no mass market. There are only niches. On the web there are only niches and the great news is they are already connected. In the old system marketers had to interrupt the masses in order to get the attention of a small few. Billboards, TV ads, commercials in print are all one thing: Interruptions. The captive audience (which no longer exists – see my post on you’re not in control) does not want to be seeing ads. They are watching the Simpson’s and don’t want to be watching your ad, silly. The new marketing world knows that people who want to buy your product are already out there, searching for it and connected to people like them.

In church we are all friends on Facebook. We know each other and we share links to and from church-relevant sites. That’s what Google does, organises the masses of data, makes it relevant to us and gives it to us.

Your niche is already connected. So what do you do? You buy my ebook – which is yet to be written – however you can change your assumptions and start to produce value that your niche will want to connect with.

One thought on “How to connect in the new brand infrastructure

  1. I used to go to a church called Abundant Life in Bradford, UK – it’s basically an English version of Hillsong. Every Sunday was like one big facebook meeting – the bit where the virtual meets reality. I like you’re post because I can see that church is ALL about connecting people.

    Leading a church must be HARD work. Trying to inspire that many people EVERY week and get some cash to do good stuff – thats tough! It’s like a great big loyalty program, so ‘doing’ church is a lot like branding I guess. It’s just about telling great (authentic) stories that improve peoples lives. I suppose that makes Jesus one of the finest marketeers of all time – He’s certainly the no. 1 ‘personal brand’ (Oh.. or is that Bono….?!!!)


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