Why are the richest people in the world geeks?

My problem is that people and business just don’t get what’s happening. They don’t see it. All they see are symptoms. Twitter is a symptom of much larger tectonic shifts that are going on behind the scenes. Very few people actually see what is happening – and those are the people who are making real money, building great tribes and changing the world. It’s often geeks, who are teenagers who start multibillion dollar businesses like Napster, Youtube and Facebook – businesses that close entire industries down (like the music industry) – geeks who have eyes to see and ears to hear what is actually happening. There is a massive world wide shift that is changing everything. It’s the Internet Revolution. This is not hype. If you think this is hype I’ve probably lost you already, you are probably still paying for local calls and you probably still think that everything is the same and that twitter is a fad.

I believe that 99% of people, 99.9% of businesses, and at least 90% of the media do not see what is happening: the new world order; an order of efficiency and excellence and freedom and trade.

Fred Wilson writes, “The internet, now closing in on 15 years old in its mainstream incarnation as the world wide web, is in many cases the underlying cause of these business failures. Bits of information flowing over a wire (or through the air) are just more efficient than physical infrastructure….This downturn will be marked in history as the time where many of the business models built in the industrial era finally collapsed as a result of being undermined by the information age.”

The world has already changed. I want you to see it. I want you to take the blue pill (reference to Matrix for those who don’t get it). We are in a total restructuring of the world: government, religion, economics, finances. This is good news!

Jesus came in a time of massive change. The Romans had taken over the world and paved an infrastructure – Greek & Roman Language, Roads, Aqueducts and Sewage: Google in my mind is the new Rome paving a search infrastructure that will improve the quality of life for everyone.

It is not to worship Google. It is to be aware and wary of the power of such a ruler. Jeff Jarvis says Google is a Quasi State – acting like a State with the power of a state.

Everything HAS ALREADY CHANGED! The rules have changed and your business, church and government must align itself with the new world organisation or you will die or worse become irrelevant, stagnant or stop growing. Dr Phil Pringle says, “If we don’t grow we will die”.

You will see Google and many other techs dominate entire industries and rise to economic and social power because they see what is happening. Do you see what is happening? There are pros and the cons like any change. You will see, most likely, the death of the current global financial system (or at least a ground up re-organisation) the loss of power of most types of state-controlled governments based on geography, the complete failure of old world order companies like Telstra and Cable TV – or at least their current business models! Am I against them? No! But the foundation upon which they are built is – fear, anti-trust, scarcity, inefficiency, bullying – is GONE (!) and has been replaced by a more organised, more efficient world based on the foundation of the web the foundation of sharing, openness, freedom, truth, generosity, abundance and efficiency. Oh I love efficiency. My mobile car wash empowered me to ear $800-1000 per day with almost no overheads. I had a system. Do you?

What’s more efficient: driving to a university by car, paying for parking and sitting in a room with 30 people you don’t know? Or watching a lecture on a screen from home? The environment is better off, you are better educated, and more people can be educated. Why meet in a room? Why limit the education to 30 people when you can allow 5 million to benefit? Because we must stall the development of the new world order. We must protect ourselves from people like Google. We must make people pay for news when there is an abundance available. We must make people drive to school when they can do it from home cheaper and better for the environment. We must pay for local calls when you can talk to free on the internet. This is ridiculous. Of course, we will always have books and physical schools, however there is a massive change going on and it’s unstoppable. Will you ride the boat with me?

The web itself was built to break the rules. Founder of the world wide web Tim Berners-Lee purposely didn’t charge anyone for what he created because he wanted it to be free, open and unstoppable. Unfortunately for governments – like China – who want to control the web. YOU CAN’T! Because it is uncontrollable, at the moment anyway. And Google has discovered that you can’t control it but you can organise it and make it better, more usable. Twitter, Facebook and Youtube organise the words data and make it more usable. That’s is how you survive in a free, open economy. You give people what they want. You benefit them. We are moving towards a pure economy. An economy of demand and supply and it is evil and good. There is, unfortunately, demand for pornography, for mutilation of animals, and there will be video’s of that on the web. However there is also demand for better education, political movements and church communities and that will be improved by the social web.

All the rules are broken. Those companies, organisations, businesses, individuals and churches that can see the truth – through the facade of the old dying system – and see what is actually happening will prosper, build better churches, better businesses and better communities.

Those who live in denial and think they can make you pay for TV, pay for news, and pay for education are dead already, or most likely will be soon.

Here is the basic rule. You are no longer leading. The people are. You are no longer in control. The people are. Give the people what they want or you will die a slow death. Let go of control. You don’t have any.

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