Social to market

“Social to market” is a term used to describe the way we must market ourselves by building connections with those who are already leading. Jeff Jarvis says we are in a “market of niches” and that is so true. Award winning Jonno’s Car Wash was my first truly niche business – so much so that when I changed to start building a church my customers were devastated and could not find a replacement. I so seriously satisfied their needs that they were unable to connect with a business afterwards. The Internet allows us to do that however the rules have changed.

You must social-to-market because the market is already there, connected and connecting. The Beatles didn’t create teenagers, they gathered them. You too are not so much interested in disrupting people who are watching TV with ads about your business in an attempt to create a market, as much as you are eloquently empowering your already established market, satisfying their needs in a way that makes them connect with you, this growing your business.

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