Personal cloud organisation

I am a person who does business in the cloud. The cloud is a tech/geek term for people who store their personal information online with other companies “in the cloud”.

My Gmail for instance is “in the cloud” – I don’t have copies of my emails on my PC or printed – they are in the cloud; which really means they are stored on a third party computer.

Things you can have “in the cloud”:
– your entire organisation see google apps for organizations
– your personal and company emails gmail or hotmail
– all your documents, images, files
– your bank see

Obviously there’s more (video, blogs, calendars etc)

Why life in the cloud?

  • We’re hyperconnected – so it’s easier and more efficient
  • It makes sense – you trust your bank and your school, why not google?
  • You don’t have to carry a filing cabinet everywhere you go
  • How to get set up in the cloud:

    1. Choose your provider – I recommend google cos they are the biggest and the best
    2. Sign up for email as that is usually the foundation account
    3. Sign up for everything else and try it
    4. Stop using the things you don’t need


    I always use a back-up. Usually another cloud provider. For example I make sure that I copy all emails to another 3rd party email provider so I can copies. You can also make gmail offline – that is a good idea.

    A good site for cloud computing:

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