Strategic Marketing

I could probably call myself a Business Strategist rather than a marketer because I think strategically about how to achieve business goals, internally and externally, how to reach customers and achieve growth. Often clients send me an image of a business card without asking key strategic business questions such as

– what business am I in and do I want to be in business?
– are there customers who are willing to pay for what I am offering?
– how can I differentiate myself from my competition
– where does my product or service fit in the value chain
– am I in a trend or fad business, is this sustainable
– who are my customers and where do they live?
– how should I reach my target market
– does this business idea fit with my vision, calling, family & life-stage?

Many businesses fail because they jump straight into manufacturing or leasing or printing before they have asked strategic questions.

If you want to send me things like your business cards I am happy to comment on them however it may be too late for me to help, especially when you have jumped the gun.

I am a social marketer however I am also a very strategic business planner, HR educated and specialist in social marketing.

Be wise, ask for advice!

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