Current international business trends (macro) with futurist

1. Government to Governance

Are we moving from government to governance? Are we in a post bureaucratic age. Are we moving from reactive to proactive governance?


  • a shift from government to governance
  • ICT revolition
  • increasing pace of change
  • sustainable development
  • More…
  • Further Reading: Camilleri (2009) Worlds in Transition: Evolving Governance Across a Stressed Planet.

    Summary: The world is becoming a one community. Especially when it relates to: Economy, Atmosphere, Information, Health & Security.

    2. Decline of internationalism (or decline in globalisation)

    What does this mean for business?

  • Regulatory Uncertainty
  • Business becoming more political
  • Emergence of Stakeholder Politics
  • Liberalism is being challenged (GFC)
  • Larger or diminishing role of government
  • Privacy & Intellectual Property Uncertainties
  • Trend or Fad?

  • e-Government
  • Community Government
  • Community Power
  • New Social Security: water, energy, food
  • Decline of America
  • Jeff Jarvis has excellent views on these topics if any of them takes your fancy…

    Search Jeff’s blog at

    Futurist Stephen Mcgrail

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